XLfit is a powerful curve-fitting and data analysis package that integrates completely with Microsoft® Excel. XLfit offers an extensive selection of data analysis and calculation tools, including a superior range of fit and statistics models as well as charts and graphs to visualize, interpret and present experimental data, all in Excel.

XLfit works within the familiar Excel spreadsheet environment to enable curve fitting and statistical analysis. At the heart of XLfit is a powerful curve-fitting engine that allows linear and non-linear curve fits, smoothing, statistics, weighting and error bars. XLfit allows rapid analysis of data and generation of crucial information about a fit, including 2D and 3D graphical representation and full statistical analysis.

Key benefits of XLfit

  • Excel integration - powerful curve fitting and statistical analysis that integrates completely with Excel
  • New and interactive chart types - edit charts using easily accessible context-sensitive menus and instantly preview changes before applying to the worksheet
  • Numerically validated - independent validation from the UK National Physical Laboratory means that company statisticians can validate XLfit rapidly
  • Enhanced mathematical methods and techniques - new models facilitate the generation of required results, such as PA2, global fitting, automatic outlier rejection and many more
  • Easy migration - XLfit ensures backwards compatibility with earlier versions of XLfit, enabling individual or batch migration of workbooks
Technical Description
  • Build & share models with simple and advanced Model Editor
  • Visualise and interact with curves in Excel
  • Visualise and interact with larger datasets in XLfit Desktop
  • Build & share custom views of data with custom Layouts in XLfit Desktop.
  • Design your own statistics to build on those provided in XLfit with Statistics Designer
  • Generate reports with summary, data, fit charts and parameters with Report Designer
  • Navigate through complex spreadsheets using XLfit Navigator
  • A range of VBA functions for incorporating in macros